Just 6 kilometer from Het Caendorp you’ll find the beautiful beach of Egmond aan Zee, which will just take you a half hour by bike. Would you rather travel by car? Even then, Egmond aan Zee is very accessible. Whether you like crowdedness (the main exit) or would like to enjoy some peace and quiet (Bad Noord of Bad Zuid), in Egmond aan Zee you’ll find whatever you need. Would you like to have even more privacy on the beach? If so, make sure to visit the ‘silent’ beach of Egmond Binnen, just 6 kilometers from Het Caendorp, only accessible by foot or by bicycle. That’s no punishment at all, because the last 2 kilometers take you through the beautiful dune of the PWN North Holland Dune Reserve. Please note that there are 3 other dunes to clime; that being said, the climb is well worth the effort!

Egmond aan Zee:



The PWN North Holland Dune Reserve (between Wijk aan Zee and Bergen) is one of the largest and most beautiful natural reserves of the Netherlands. The area, 20 kilometer long and 2.5 kilometer wide and a surface of 5.300 hectare is a very diverse natural area with both dune and forests and many different plant and animal varieties. This is related to the vastness and the diverse vegetation. The height, humidity and the calcium level, as well as human use in the past, have caused a large variety of species as well. The extensive hiking and bicycle path network, makes a visit to this beautiful part of the Netherlands, well worth your while.

More information about the North Holland Dune Reserve is available at the website of PWN.